Why sweep?

We get this question all the time. Why bother power sweeping my property? I already have my janitors or landscapers pick up trash and change trash cans – isn’t sweeping on top of that a waste?

To which we say: not at all! Sweeping gets properties cleaner for cheaper. We find our customers enjoy higher revenues and net promoter scores due to higher cleanliness and property value, all while saving money over using traditional methods of cleaning.

First of all, sweeping is not for everyone. If you have a very small property, especially compared to the size of your landscaping team, then you may not benefit from sweeping. Instead, let’s talk about a portering arrangement. We can make sure customers always have clean trash cans and crisp, blown sidewalks without the need of sweeper equipment.

However, for sites of moderate to large nature (we usually say 150 parking spots and over), there are efficiencies that having a dedicated sweeper team get you. Our sweeper teams can clean the same area in less than half the time of a single worker while getting all the nooks and crannies. It’s not that a landscaper isn’t doing a good job – it’s just not the right scope of work.

We find that customers that switch over to sweeping enjoy a 15% reduction in their monthly outdoor janitorial costs while typically seeing a 1 to 2 point increase in customer perceptions of property cleanliness (on a 10 point scale).

Lastly, Mobile Sweep prides itself on providing all of this service in a one-stop-shop, so you no longer have to worry about how your property is going to be maintained at 100%. Someone dump off a large bulk trash? Give us a call. Have a special event and need an extra porter? Give us a call. Expecting an emergency owner inspection tomorrow? Give us a ring and we’ll work you in our emergency service line.

Managing a property is hard and busy enough already. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry so much about how the outside looks every day? That’s what power sweeping gets you. Mobile Sweep makes sure you get the best quality power sweeping the greater Maryland area has to offer.