Getting ready for spring

Around this time of year folks start to notice the change of the seasons and get ready for spring. Things start to warm up a bit, we see more rain and less sleet, and the days run longer.

From a property perspective, we know most managers want their places looking their absolute best for spring. People start going out more and having a well tended storefront attracts eyes and foot traffic.

At Mobile Sweep, we know a few things that must be done prior to spring to be in a good place:

  1. Clean up any remaining snow/slush
  2. Sweep / blow any leftover salt and ice control
  3. Power wash key walkways, entrances, and exits
  4. Touch up worn/damaged signs, lights, and paint jobs
  5. Refresh any worn striping

It may seem like a lot, but it is an investment that pays out over the next few years (not every item has to be done every year)! We help our clients all the time understand which items would be most impactful to their customers and their tenants.

Give us a call to see if we can help you get ready for the spring season.


Winter is here!

Winter is always a set of mixed emotions for those of us in the greater MD area. On one hand, you have serene white landscapes and glistening views, winter only activities like skating, and of course the holidays! Still, winter also comes with a fair share of headaches.

Mobile Sweep has been providing snow services for clients in our area for years now so we’ve seen it all.

The real challenge in our area is properly evaluating a storm and responding appropriately. Sometimes all you need is to lay down salt and ice control. Sometimes you’ll need multiple shoveling crews and plows out ready to handle accumulation. Sometimes you have hail, sleet, freezing rain, or all of the above! This unpredictability can be hard – you never want to have a slippery parking lot but you also don’t want to overpay for services.

We’re proud to have an employee base who is responsive and communicative. We work with some of the best meteorologists and spotters in the area to accurately determine what is needed for every storm which allows us to respond quickly and effectively. We keep watch over properties for 72 hours to make sure we don’t have any re-freeze or snow drift issues. It’s hard work, but it keeps customer’s lots clean and safe which is the most important job.

We also make sure our sweeping teams clean up excess salt and ice control after things settle down. After the product has done its work, its time for it to go. No one wants to risk damaging their valuable sidewalks and asphalt.

Next time, we’ll answer some common questions we get from new and current snow removal clients all the time. In the meanwhile, give us a call if you ever want to discuss services for your parking lot – we’re always happy to chat.