Getting ready for spring

Around this time of year folks start to notice the change of the seasons and get ready for spring. Things start to warm up a bit, we see more rain and less sleet, and the days run longer.

From a property perspective, we know most managers want their places looking their absolute best for spring. People start going out more and having a well tended storefront attracts eyes and foot traffic.

At Mobile Sweep, we know a few things that must be done prior to spring to be in a good place:

  1. Clean up any remaining snow/slush
  2. Sweep / blow any leftover salt and ice control
  3. Power wash key walkways, entrances, and exits
  4. Touch up worn/damaged signs, lights, and paint jobs
  5. Refresh any worn striping

It may seem like a lot, but it is an investment that pays out over the next few years (not every item has to be done every year)! We help our clients all the time understand which items would be most impactful to their customers and their tenants.

Give us a call to see if we can help you get ready for the spring season.

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